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BLE Information


The vehicle's BLE name is found using the following method (doesn't give last character):

  • Get the vehicle's VIN, we'll call this vin
  • Get a SHA1 hash of it, we'll call this vinSHA
  • Get the vinSHA as a hex string, and keep only the first 16 characters, we'll call this middleSection
  • Prepend "S" to middleSection and that is it. The last character is usually C
  • The last letter can be one of the following according to Tesla's app code, but I've never seen that:
    • C
    • R
    • D
    • P
  • Theories by trifinite suggest that they might mean [C]enter, [R]ear, [D]river, and [P]assenger, probably for knowing which beacon you are currently comminicating to, but it doesn't matter
Python Example
from cryptography.hazmat.primitives import hashes

vin = bytes("5YJ3E1EA1KF000000", "UTF8")

digest = hashes.Hash(hashes.SHA1())
vinSHA = digest.finalize().hex()
middleSection = vinSHA[0:16]
bleName = "S" + middleSection + "C"

print(bleName) # Sa6bab0d54ffaecf1C


00000211-b2d1-43f0-9b88-960cebf8b91eThe main service which the vehicle uses for all communication


Send messages to the vehicle

- UUID: 00000212-b2d1-43f0-9b88-960cebf8b91e
- Properties: WRITE
- Descriptors:
- 0x2901 — Characteristic Description

Recieve messages from the vehicle

- UUID: 00000213-b2d1-43f0-9b88-960cebf8b91e
- Properties: INDICATE
- Descriptors:
- 0x2901 — Characteristic Description
- 0x2902 — ...

Get communication version

- UUID: 00000214-b2d1-43f0-9b88-960cebf8b91e
- Properties: READ
- Descriptors:
- 0x2901 — Characteristic Description