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BLE Information


New Name

Tesla has recently (as of 21/June/2023) began using a new Bluetooth naming scheme. It is pretty easy to get. You take the last 6 characters of the vehicle's VIN and append them to the word Tesla.

So if the VIN is 5YJ3E1EA1KF130307, the Bluetooth name will be Tesla 130307.

The reason for this change is unknown as of now, but should protect the owners of the vehicles by removing most of the data from the VIN that could be reversed through the simple use of a hashtable.

Some have mentioned that the old name could still be broadcasted alongside the new one, so the old name should be scanned for too

Old Name

The vehicle's BLE name is found using the following method:

  • Get the vehicle's VIN, we'll call this vin
  • Get a SHA1 hash of it, we'll call this vinSHA
  • Get the vinSHA as a hex string, and keep only the first 16 characters, we'll call this middleSection
  • Prepend "S" to middleSection and that is it. The last character is usually C
  • The last letter can be one of the following according to Tesla's app code, but I've never seen that:
    • C
    • R
    • D
    • P
  • Theories by trifinite suggest that they might mean [C]enter, [R]ear, [D]river, and [P]assenger, probably for knowing which beacon you are currently comminicating to, but it doesn't matter
Python Example
from cryptography.hazmat.primitives import hashes

vin = bytes("5YJ3E1EA1KF000000", "UTF8")

digest = hashes.Hash(hashes.SHA1())
vinSHA = digest.finalize().hex()
middleSection = vinSHA[0:16]
bleName = "S" + middleSection + "C"

print(bleName) # Sa6bab0d54ffaecf1C


00000211-b2d1-43f0-9b88-960cebf8b91eThe main service which the vehicle uses for all communication


Send messages to the vehicle

- UUID: 00000212-b2d1-43f0-9b88-960cebf8b91e
- Properties: WRITE
- Descriptors:
- 0x2901 — Characteristic Description

Recieve messages from the vehicle

- UUID: 00000213-b2d1-43f0-9b88-960cebf8b91e
- Properties: INDICATE
- Descriptors:
- 0x2901 — Characteristic Description
- 0x2902 — ...

Get communication version

- UUID: 00000214-b2d1-43f0-9b88-960cebf8b91e
- Properties: READ
- Descriptors:
- 0x2901 — Characteristic Description