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VehicleStatusvehicleStatusThe vehicle's closure (everything that has a latch) states and lock stateno
SessionInfosessionInfoInfo about the connectionno
AuthenticationRequestauthenticationRequestA request from the vehicle for you to authenticate to a certain levelno
CommandStatuscommandStatusStatus of the previously sent commandno
WhitelistInfowhitelistInfoInformation about all whitelisted keysno
WhitelistEntryInfowhitelistEntryInfoInformation about a certain whitelisted keyno
VehicleInfovehicleInfoThe vehicle's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)no
CapabilitiescapabilitiesWhether the vehicle can open/close the charge portno
KeyStatusInfokeyStatusInfoThe status of all the keysno
ActiveKeyactiveKeyThe currently authenticated keyno
UnknownKeyInfounknownKeyInfoInformation about unknown keyno
UpdaterCommandupdaterCommandThe vehicle's request to update the keyfob's/TPS' firmwareno
GenealogyRequest_EgenealogyRequestThe vehicle's request to get the keyfob's/TPS' serial and part numberno
SleepManagerRequestsleepManagerRequestThe vehicle's request to get the keyfob's/TPS' sleep stats or to get them to go to sleep mode after a certain number of time to save batteryno
TPDataRequest_ETPDataRequestThe vehicle's request to get information tracked by the TPSno
ResetTrackerCommand_EresetTrackerCommandThe vehicle's request to read/clear the restart statistics on the TPSno
SetTPConfigrationsetTPConfigurationThe vehicle's request to change the configuration of the TPSno
UnsecureNotificationunsecureNotificationThe user should be notified that there are open closuresno

TPS stands for Tire Pressure Sensor