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InformationRequestInformationRequestRequest certain information from the vehicleno
RKEAction_ERKEActionUsed to send a manual action to the vehicleno
AuthenticationResponseauthenticationResponseLet the vehicle know that it can perform a certain level of actions automatically (for example when a user is next to the vehicle)no
WhitelistOperationWhitelistOperationA whitelist operation to say remove/add permissions or keysno
GenealogyResponsegenealogyResponseMade for keyfobs and TPS to tell the vehicle their serial and part numberno
KeyMetadatasetMetaDataForKeySets metadata for a certain keyno
KeyfobInfokeyfobInfoKeyfob states such as temperatureno
SleepManagerStatslowPowerDeviceSleepManagerStatsKeyfob/TPS sleep statisicsno
TPDataTPDataTP and temperature datano
TPWheelUnitInfoTPWheelUnitInfoTPS info such as battery voltageno
ResetTrackerStatsresetTrackerStatsHow many times the TPS restarted and for what reasonsno
ConnectionMetricsconnectionMetricsStatistics on number of good/failed connections from the TPS to the vehicleno
Activity_EdeviceActivityDevice motion statusno

TPS stands for Tire Pressure Sensor