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Projects With Bluetooth Support


  • Drive Electric For Tesla - Wear OS app that acts as a full blown Tesla app, for your watch. Has NFC, Bluetooth, and internet support.
    • Creator - KlokkProjects
  • Watt Key - Control your Tesla via Bluetooth from your Wear OS watch.
    • Creator - Joshendy
  • TeslaKee (Unreleased) - More secure version of the Tesla app, when released, will have customizable passive entry features among other things, to increase security of your vehicle.
    • Creator - trifinite

Python Libraries

  • pyteslable - Library with easy to use wrappers for controlling your Tesla vehicle.
    • Creators - kaedenb + ArchGryphon9362

If any of this info is inaccurate or you want your project added to this list, please contact me on Discord (ArchGryphon9362#6132), or submit a PR/issue.